Chandelier Repair

Do you own a beautiful chandelier? Puzzled how to repair or clean it? Brinkman Service Co can help! Our team is trained in the latest chandelier repairs and replacement techniques. We serve the entire Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities metro area. Our professionals can assist in any chandelier repairs you may need.

Our chandelier repair services include:

  • Rewiring
  • Cleaning
  • Replacement installation of switches, sockets and cords

We understand how delicate chandeliers can be. We have years of experience correctly rewiring and repairing chandeliers. Our installations and cleanings are the best in the business. You can always trust your chandelier to the professionals at Brinkman. We even offer chandelier lamp shades for a different look.

Our professionals have years of experience working with fine antiques as well as modern reproductions. Our lighting consultants can recommend exactly what you need to brighten up your room.

Call today at (651) 695-2307 to learn more about our lighting services.